Andreas is a songwriting duo consisting of Brad Evans and Kody Yardley. Though they have yet to release a full length album, they have spawned many singles such as You're the Only Colour, Heads Up, and Since Summoning's Confused Me. A typical Andreas song is written lyrics-first by Brad, who then sends them to Kody via text message. Kody then writes the music, and later teaches Brad the parts (although that last step is somewhat optional). Kody has often said that whenever he receives one of these messages, he is able to write the music very quickly, sometimes within an hour.

Many Andreas songs feature guest vocal performances by someone within The Collective Intelligence. For instance, Since Summoning's Confused me features Kirby Yardley on lead vocal, while Heads Up features Anthony LaGuardia.

Plans to eventually get together again and attempt to record a full release have been discussed, though nothing has been definitely decided, perhaps due to the laziness of both Kody and Brad.


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