The first and only Brodie album, Bodhisattva, You Create was recorded some time around the year 2003 at Blue Boot Studios located at Matt and Charles' house in the serene and secluded countryside. Typically, all four members would practice the night before, and the next morning would wake up bright and early, eat some breakfast (usually eggs) and then do a tracking session. These recording sessions usually went on into the late afternoon at which time a barbecue, or a trip to Provo to buy equipment or see a movie would take place. For about six months, this weekly ritual would continue until the completion of the record some time in the summer of 2003.

The record was released with minimal success and lackluster response. But as the years have passed, more and more people have grown to appreciate Bhodisattva, You Create.

Track listEdit

  1. Drive Away (K. Yardley, C. Humes, M. Humes, A. LaGuradia)
  2. Reducing the Risk (K. Yardley, C. Humes)
  3. In My Sights (A. LaGuardia, K. Yardley)
  4. Enlightened (A. LaGuradia)
  5. Needles (M. Humes)
  6. Myopia (K. Yardley)
  7. Transhuman (K. Yardley)
  8. See the Light (K. Yardley)
  9. Through the Maze (A. LaGuardia, K. Yardley)
  10. The Chinaman (A. LaGuradia, K. Yardley)
  11. Nightmare (K. Yardley)
  12. Unknown (A. LaGuardia) / Relativity (A. LaGuradia, K. Yardley)


Kody Yardley - guitar, vocals
Anthony LaGuardia - bass, vocals
Charles Humes - keyboards, vocals
Matt Humes - drums, vocals

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