Brad Evans was born a bass player, and has always sought to live up to that title. After years as a piano student, Brad started playing a red bass that wasn't his when he discovered drumming to be really hard. As guitar-playing also seemed really hard (what with all those strings and chords and whatnot), Brad found that he and the four-stringed, play-one-note-at-a-time style of the bass went together like pancakes and syrup. Brad has always felt that he's been playing catch-up on the musical scene, from bass straps made of neck ties or duct tape to playing a gig through an amp that carried a substantial risk of electrocution. And not just on the equipment level -- when Brad discovered he could play an entire song for his first band, the Maxx RebO Band, with just one note, he was happily relieved. To this day, he still finds his bass sound improves most when he either lets Matt turn all of his knobs, or if his daughter does it.

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