Sandbaby is the brain-child of Kody Yardley. It began as a side-project, which he would revisit from time to time utilizing unused songs from his main projects. As bands have come and gone, Sandbaby has since become Kody's main outlet and has filled the greater portion of his musical ambitions.

The first album, which is self-titled, was recorded at Blue Boots Studio around 2002-2003. Throughout the recording of this record, this solo "band" was being called The Audiotrap, but would soon after completion be called Sandbaby.

In the summer of 2003, Kody began the initial writing and recording of material for the album that would eventually be called The Audiotrap. The Audiotrap, which was self-produced and engineered, turned out to be a very electronic pop album.

Almost immediately after the completion of The Audiotrap, he began working on the next album called Wake Up. Wake Up was very different from his previous album in that it was more acoustic, and featured more mellow songs.

After the completion of Wake Up, Kody took a year off from Sandbaby, working on other things. When he finally managed to pick it up again and start wrting, he cranked out the songs that would become the material for the next record entitled Earthsick. Earthsick was again very different than the previous albums, in that it utilized live drums and bass, though the songwriting style is comprable to the previous Sandbaby records.

Currently, the process of writing and recording the next record has begun.


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