Sons of Samus around 2006.

Originally started sometime in 1998 or 1999, Sons of Samus was Peter and Brad Evans and a small Casio keyboard keeping a beat. During this time, the brothers wrote the songs Keeping You Warm and Dry, Orchid Masse, and a preliminary version of Ice Princess' Lament. They brought in Matt Humes on drums to play a couple of shows in the Heber City/Walsburg area.

The band later re-formed and thrived after the turn of the century, with Peter and Charles Humes as the main collaberators, on left-handed and right-handed guitars, respectively. They wrote the epic A Necessary Step in this time, as well as arguably the greatest songs Sons of Samus would ever write: Scatterspace and Horrorshow. Matt and Aaron Evans both took turns at the drum kit, and the three newest songs were later recorded with Brad back on bass.

Brad, Matt, and Charles turned their focus back to their band Venus Euphoric, leaving Peter a man without a band. He would later go on to use at least one of the older songs in a newer band, Chaotic Neutral.


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