The second Venus Euphoric album was officially completed in March of 2008. It was recorded by Matt Humes -- with much creative input and assistance from Charles Humes -- in Blue Boots Studio. All songs written and preformed by Charles Humes, Matt Humes, and Brad Evans.

Track ListingEdit

1. Nature Walk
2. Return From Volans
3. Nothing You'll Miss
4. Aliens Exist?
5. Cementing Glass
6. Attacca's Ghost Satellite
7. Personality Prototype (or the end of the world)
8. Timosis
9. What Else, Circle?

(Two of the song titles are questions, though that doesn't necessarily make the rest of the titles answers. Film and book aficionados are challenged to find the three song titles that are references to films or books.)


  • Dialing Mother
  • Concerned Scientists
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